Industry Specific Insurance

Mountcastle Insurance works with a wide range of industries, but also has a particular depth of knowledge and/or product offerings in certain specific industries. Please see some of these listed below.

Risk Management and Insurance Programs for Municipalities

Municipalities: a broad term encompassing a wide variety of services, activities, and responsibilities undertaken by towns, counties, and cities. The risk management and insurance needs of such a wide-ranging group of public entities is just as varied and ever-changing as the individual municipalities.

When responsibilities extend to disparate public services like road maintenance, public transportation, special events management, school districts, emergency response, and more, we can help. Mountcastle Insurance can provide a complete risk-management program including contract reviews, loss analysis, and training. By combining traditional insurance with consideration of alternative risk-transfer methods (like risk retention and joint insurance funds), Mountcastle Insurance can keep your insurance protection up-to-date with your budget and risk exposures.

The Municipality Risk Management and Insurance team at Mountcastle Insurance can help you sort through the unique risks you face. And we have the options to help you craft an effective, economic risk-management and insurance program.

Insurance for Lumber and Wood Products Companies

If your lumber company is currently working with an insurance agency that isn't familiar with the nature of the wood business, you may feel you are constantly defending your operating practices, typical work environment, and explaining exactly what it is you do.

We simplify the complicated world of insurance and the specifics of being in the wood business with a customized approach just for you. With technical expertise in insuring wood products companies and a deep understanding of OSHA requirements for this industry, we work with you as a team. We are also there for you to help you through even the most complicated issues.

These are examples of the types of risks that Mountcastle Insurance can write for you:
  • Assembly Operations (Light Woodworking)
  • Bark/Mulch Manufacturing
  • Box Assembly and Manufacturing
  • Building Material Dealers (Retail/Wholesale)
  • Cabinet and Case Goods Manufacturing
  • Carpentry Shops
  • Chipper Mills
  • Concentration Yard
  • Crate Assembly and Manufacturing
  • Debarker Mills
  • Dimension Stock Manufacturing
  • Door Assembly and Manufacturing
  • Dry Kilns
  • Engineered Wood Products Manufacturing
  • Flooring Manufacturing
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Hardware Stores (Retail/Wholesale)
  • Laminated Wood Products
  • Logging Equipment
  • Log Home Manufacturing
  • Lumber Yards (Retail/Wholesale)
  • Moulding and Millwork Manufacturing
  • Pallet Assembly and Manufacturing
  • Plywood Manufacturing
  • Sawmill
  • Stair Manufacturing
  • Truss Manufacturing (Wooden)
  • Veneer Mills
  • Window Assembly
  • Wood Carving
  • Wood Drying Operations
  • Wood Novelties Manufacturing
  • Wood Products Manufacturing (NOC)
  • Wood Turning Shops
  • Woodworking Shops

Insurance for Manufacturers

Most manufacturing operations can be insured with standard package policies covering both legal liability and property. But the size and scope of your business and some operational decisions can greatly affect the type of insurance policies that are most affordable and effective for your manufacturing business.

Some key exclusions in packaged business insurance that should always be considered include liability coverage for environmental damage, loss due to employee dishonesty, and damage to property owned by others but left in your care. It is important to make sure any insurance program for your manufacturing business includes adequate protection for loss of income and continuing expenses if your business is shut down by a covered loss.

Mountcastle Insurance insures manufacturing businesses all over North Carolina, both large and small. We can take the guess work and confusion out of assessing your risks, and reviewing viable insurance alternatives. 

Scrap Metal Industry Insurance

Your scrap metal recycling company deals with a high level of risk in business every day. Let us help you limit your exposure to risk while offering economical solutions to help your scrap metal recycling business bottom line.

When it comes to scrap metal insurance, Mountcastle Insurance programs are specifically designed with the needs of recyclers in mind—a comprehensive and competitive insurance program designed specifically for the scrap metal recycling industry. We have expertise in understanding the unique exposures associated with your business.

What types of risks fit your program?
  • Ferrous & non-ferrous scrap metal dealers
  • Ferrous & non-ferrous scrap metal processors
  • Auto dismantlers
  • E-waste recyclers
These are examples of the types of coverage we can provide:
  • Property (including equipment breakdown)
  • Inland Marine
  • General Liability
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Commercial Auto
  • Umbrella
  • Pollution Liability
  • Workers Compensation

Christian Entertainment

We serve Concert Promoters, Event Production Services, Special Events and Entertainment Transportation Companies.  The reasons we have built this clientele are: 

  • The technical experience to work through the insurance and certificate of insurance requirements with difficult venues. 
  • “Speed of Light” review and issuance of Certificate of Insurance. Including “after hours” emergency response.
  • Competitive markets where coverage design is as important as pricing.